14th September 2016, Wednesday


alienina new collection will be presented at

TRANOI FEMME | Carrousel Du Louvre, Paris | 30 Sept - 3 Oct 2016


Alienina is born in 2008 with the aim of inspiring people to discover that items can have an extra life and new functions, from an Italian designer: Eliana Venier. Alienina contemporary jewellery collection is handmade in Italy recycling poor and discarded materials.

The philosophy of the project is giving a new function and aesthetic value to the everyday object and materials and extending their lifespan.

The materials used for alienina jewellery are sailing and mountain climbing cords, wicks for oil lamps, resin commonly used in car parts, fabric and straps used for blinds. The 90% of the materials are production waste, washable and non-toxic.

The process of creating alienina necklaces always starts from the material. The designer is constantly looking for production scraps in all corners of the world, the ones that she falls in love with inspire her to creative experiments. The materials are what inspires the forms that are realized as the end result. That way the creative process is absolutely free and always brings the unexpected.

Each piece is hand-made and thus unique. Although each model may come in large quantities, there are no two identical pieces among them.

The techniques are inspired by old traditional crafts, which the designer interprets the contemporary way.

The trend is creating statement pieces, for people who are bored of massive fashion and wants to wear something unique, with a strong personality. Inspiration comes from architecture and at the same time from the natural environment: Alienina jewellery are architectures to wear with an organic touch.

Alienina is now distributed in Europe, US and Australia, in many concept stores, galleries, museums. The brand realized some collaboration with other fashion brands:  Comme des Garcons, HOPE, Sara Coleman.


For the Xmas Campaign 2011 "Love is Tender" of Comme des Garçons, alienina realized a special capsule collection exclusively for the Japanese brand.

An avant-garde collection of 6 nautical rope necklaces knotted according to ancient craft techniques, that the designer reinterprets using her creativity and her manual ability.

A collection with a strong personality that is on sale exclusively in Comme des Garçons stores.


alienina realized an exclusive capsule collection of sailing ropes necklaces for the fashion show of HOPE Spring/Summer 2013 collection, inspired in the handcraft of macramé, a folk art created and performed by sailors in the 17th century.


alienina "RunAfterIllusions" collection has been showed during the Sara Coleman Fashion Show at Mercedes Fashion Week, Madrid (Sept, 2013).